Vermont Commodity Program Launches Marketing Campaign


Taylor Mendell of Footprint Farm in Starksboro. VAAFM photos.

Celebrating Farms Focus on Food Safety

Vermont Business Magazine This summer, the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets’ Produce Program partnered with producers to celebrate the steps they are taking to bring food from the field to customers. The campaign features Vermont farmers telling their stories, a message that puts a face to the produce and invites all Vermonters to value the food they buy, how it’s produced and who grows it.

“In Vermont, people really care about buying locally and putting a face on the product. It was a growing plant, it was a crop. As soon as you cut it, it’s food. And you have to keep it clean. – Hank Bissell, Lewis Creek Farm in Starksboro.

Melissa Mazza from Sam Mazza Farmer’s Market in Colchester

The Vermont Produce Program works with farmers statewide to implement the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule, which sets standards for the safe growing, harvesting, packaging and storage of fruits and vegetables. Vermont farmers work hard to implement best food safety practices and build consumer confidence in the quality and safety of local fresh fruits and vegetables.

“We feel there is a responsibility to our customers. We really want to give them a product that they can trust. “Providing food for families who really care about what they eat is the best part of what we do. – Taylor Mendell, Footprint Farm of Starksboro.

In developing this unique marketing initiative, the Vermont Produce Program has taken a collaborative approach to raising awareness about the culture of product safety on local farms and why it is important to consumers. A partnership with created a landing point for consumers to find local farms producing fresh produce. Farms wishing to be listed on are encouraged to contact the Vermont Produce Program at [email protected]

“The Vermont Produce Program… that means great food. Quality food. And the support of Vermont farms. I know that coming out of our farm it was handled properly. I know our best practices. It is the culture of our farm. – Melissa Mazza, Sam Mazza Farmer’s Market in Colchester.

Additionally, farmers were asked what they want their communities to know about their product safety practices. You can find fresh Vermont produce at your local farm, farmers’ market, and grocery store. “Good for you and your family. Good for Vermont.

Hank Bissell of Lewis Creek Farm in Starksboro

To learn more about the campaign tour,

Source: July 19, 2021 | Montpellier, VermontVermont Agency for Agriculture, Food and Markets 19.19.2021

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