University offers advice on gatherings with food or drink



Now and in the months to come, many departments, programs, or other non-student organizations within the University may hold gatherings where there is food or drink. Indoor gatherings with food that are informal (for example, eating your lunch with coworkers) or formal (for example, a meeting or service reception with or without catered) should follow health and safety guidelines. following University security.

Note that, as everyone continues to work their way through this pandemic, the University is advising departments to carefully consider whether to hold in-person vacation functions with food or drink, but those who do so must follow these guidelines:

  • All participants, including visitors, at indoor gatherings must be masked and remain masked until the point of eating or drinking. Participants can only remove their masks when seated with food or drink, or when standing at bar height / high table. Attendees at tables should not overcrowd the food court and should actively eat when masks are removed, ideally for 15 minutes or less.
  • Events are limited to the number of seats in the hall.
  • If participants move from one place to another within the gathering, with or without food or drink, they must wear their masks.
  • For reception type events, it is recommended that you have food at the end of the meeting / celebration and leave it optional for people to bring back to their workspace.
  • Another good practice is to organize events with food outside or in tents, where possible and weather permitting, and to practice social distancing when possible.
  • For University-sponsored events hosted at an off-campus facility, the COVID-19 protocols for that location must be followed.



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