Toffee Crunch Oreos review: I ate it so you didn’t have to, but why do they smell so strong?


The new Toffee Crunch Oreos are a wildly sweet, volatile sugar bomb that also suffers from something I’ve dubbed “caramel smell.”

Toffee Crunch might not be the most intimidating flavor. But once you start poking around under the cookie hood, you’ll see there’s a candy mayhem engine designed to confuse, confuse and confuse the senses – not just taste.

This may be the first time I’ve felt physically threatened by a cookie.

Caramel Crunchy Oreos

You can immediately tell there’s something weird about these Oreos from the moment you open the package. The artificial sweetener flavor pops like a bottle of cream soda left in the bed of a pickup truck.

It smells like someone spilled a bunch of maple syrup in the room, but you’re not sure exactly where. It is over there. Wait. Sticky.

Then there are the “sugar crystals”, which are one of the advertised characteristics of the cookie. They come in the form of large crunchy sugar cubes scattered in the caramel cream. Adding concentrated grains of sugar to a substance that is already one of the sweetest substances known to man results in a double transfiguration of the Oreo drinking process.

First, there is the taste. It’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever eaten. It’s like they took the few things in Oreo cream that aren’t sweeteners and replaced them with rocks of raw sugar.

Second, there is the texture. The sugar crystals were probably designed to add a nice element of crunch to the Oreo creme. Instead, they create that particular grainy texture, like when the frosting isn’t done properly.

So how do they taste?

Caramel is generally a good flavor that pairs well with others in desserts. But in this case, the Oreo lab experiment went off the rails. Flavor paradigms have moved far beyond “crunchy caramelized sugar treat” to “This cookie tastes like it’s attacking my teeth.”

It’s sickly sweet, all sugar all the time. It’s a carnival of flavors adjacent to caramel. But not in a “Hugh Jackman playing P.T. Barnum” somehow. It’s more like “there’s a sad camel and the people protesting outside were right”.

Sugar Crystals are similar to Pop Rocks in Fireworks Oreos, but with less tanginess. It’s the difference between drinking a fizzy soda and a flat soda where you can really start to taste the unfathomable amount of sugar you’re actually consuming.

Oreos Toffee Crunch could have been a fun twist on a caramel flavor that went for a cool texture. But instead, it’s a bland, colorless sweetness. It’s less Candyland and more of a cold, icy sweetness, like the weather is snowing and hailing at the same time.

So are they any good?

Despite all these criticisms, they are not bad. It’s an Oreo, which is a good start. It’s just that it contains so many elements beyond what is generally acceptable.

It’s a laboratory experiment in caramelized sugars – and you can smell it the moment you open the bag and smell the haze of artificial sugars.

The updated historical ranking

As always, reviewing a new Oreo flavor involves taking a look at the all-time rankings. It’s not a big Oreo. However, the flavors aren’t terrible. They’re just unbalanced and all out of whack. I put this in the 50s, which are usually worth trying once – and never touching again.

Here’s my all-time Oreo ranking, now with 76 flavors:

76. Banana Split Oreo

75. Oreo Cookie Dough

74. Cherry Cola Oreo

73. Berry Oreo

72. Oreo Lemonade

71. Oreo Apple Pie

70. Reduced Fat Oreo

68. Oreo Thins Pina Colada

68. Apple Caramel Oreo

67. Oreo Lime Pie

66. Oreo Fruit Punch

65. Thin Pistachio Oreo

64. Hot and Spicy Cinnamon Oreo

63. Pumpkin Spice Oreo

62. Oreo Mystery

61. Chocolate Hazelnut Oreo

60. PB&J Oreo

59. Oreo Thin Bites Fudge Dipped Mint Cream

58. Lemon Oreo

57. Crunchy Caramel Oreos (NEW)

56. Salted Caramel Oreo Thins

55. Lemon Oreo Thins

54. Oreo Cookies & Cream

53. Chocolate Cream Oreo (Golden)

52. Oreo Salted Caramel Brownie

51. Oreo Thin Coconut

50. Peppermint Bark Oreos

49. Oreo Peeps

48. Golden Oreo

47. Oreo Thins (Golden)

46. ​​Gold Double Stuf Oreo

45. Oreo Blueberry Pie

44. Jelly Donut Oreo

43. Kettle Corn Oreo

42. Chocolate Hazelnut Oreo

41. Mini Oreo

40. Original Fudge Dipped Oreo Thin Bites

39. Oreo Mini Gold

38. Java Chip Oreo

37. Dunkin Donuts Mocha Oreo

36. Oreo Peanut Butter Cream

35. Peanut Butter Oreo

34. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

33. Chocolate Oreo Cream

32. Dark Chocolate Oreo

31. Rocky Road Trip Oreo

30. Mega Stuf Oreo (vanilla cookie)

29. Oreo Thins Bits Fudge Dipped Coconut

28. Gingerbread Oreos

27. Oreo Carrot Cake

26. Oreo Cotton Candy

25. Mint Cream Oreo

24. Most Oreo Stuff

23. Ultimate Chocolate Oreo

22. Moon Oreos

21. Oreo Fireworks

20. Birthday cake (chocolate cookie) Oreo

19. Triple Double Oreo

18. Oreo with maple syrup

17. Mystery Oreo (2019 Edition, AKA Churro)

16. Red Velvet Oreo

15. Cinnamon Oreo

14. Oreo Thins (Chocolate)

13. Cookie Butter Oreo

12. Oreo Thins (Mint)

11. Chocolate Marshmallow Oreo

10. Mega Stuff Oreo

Attached 8. Gluten-Free Double Oreo Stuf

8. Double Stuff Oreo

7. Oreo Thins

Tie-5. gluten-free oreo

5. Oreo

4. Hot Cocoa Oreo

3. Golden Oreo Birthday Cake

2. Marshmallow Krispy Creme Oreo

1. Oreo S’mores

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