The Vegan Society registers its first app-controlled vegan sex toys


Vibio Co-Founder, Patricia Cervantes Santana, said, “We strongly believe in the power of technology when it comes to creating change and positive impact in the world, and we wanted to apply it to the space of sexual well-being.

“Our mission has always been to create an inclusive brand that would not only create tools to explore sexuality, but combine them with content to guide people on their sexual journey.

“As a vegan myself, it was essential that our products were also accessible to the vegan community.”

Vegan sex toys

Vibio’s sex toys aren’t the first vegan toys to hit the market. At the end of last year, a range of vegetable shaped toys launched at Holland & Barrett. However, these were not registered with the Vegan brand.

There are currently 12 different personal lubricants registered with the Vegan Society, but the Vibio line of toys is the first to carry the Vegan brand.

Ericka Durgahee, Vegan Society Marketing Manager, said, “Registration of our first electronic personal toys with the Vegan brand is very exciting news for the team.

“Not only because Vibio is a pioneer company, but also because it means that we have taken new steps in the registration of electronic products. Thank you for working with us Vibio!”

She added: “A lot of people don’t realize that many lubricants, toys and even condoms may contain animal derivatives, such as certain enzymes, animal skin and beeswax. or may have been tested on animals.

For years, many vegans, whether single or in a relationship, have had to give up or compromise on comfort and enjoyment because of their ethics.

However, thanks to the incredible team at Vibio and with Valentine’s Day approaching, these stylish innovations are also available for vegans.

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