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The most anticipated Google Trends 2021 report that analyzes the top search queries of the year has been released. The report reveals the queries and topics that most people have searched the internet in various categories like entertainment, news, games, songs, sports and TV shows. The most popular food is Mexican fried birria tacos, followed by nasi goreng and feta pasta, according to the report. Other dishes that have made their way onto the list are the charcuterie board, shogayaki, potato soup, teriyaki amberjack, tonjiru, baked oats, and overnight oats.

Meanwhile, in India, the food most people have searched the internet for is enoki mushroom followed by modak and methi mater malai. Some of the other popular searches were palak, chicken soup, pornstar martini, lasagna, cookies, paneer, and kaada.

The confidence that vaccination has instilled in people is also reflected in the research list. Having cooked and overnight oats on the Most Wanted list indicates that people have become more health conscious than ever before. Likewise, chicken and potato soups are also healthy dishes that help improve immunity. Kaada, on the other hand, is an immunity-boosting drink that is extremely popular in India. Prepared with various spices, ginger and garlic, kadha is a home remedy for fever and colds. Meanwhile, the presence of cookies and lasagna shows that people have become mentally relaxed after the lockout restrictions were removed.

These are the three best dishes in the world and in India
Tacos Birria:
This Mexican dish has become trending on Tik Tok. Traditional tacos are first garnished with a stew made from mutton and beef. It is again dipped into the stew and then fried.

Nasi goreng: Popular Southeast Asian fried rice is a staple in Malaysia and Indonesia. It is incredibly easy to prepare this fried rice which is packed with vegetables and meat.

Feta pasta: This baked pasta dish that’s loaded with feta cheese has become popular thanks to the Tik Tok videos. Fresh cherry tomatoes, olive oil, basil and garlic are also added to this simple dish.

Enoki mushroom: It is mainly used in Japanese cuisine. This immunity booster is often added in salads, noodles and fondues.

Modak: It is a popular Maharashtrian candy that is baked during the Vinayaka Chaturthi festival.

Modak | Photo: Shutterstock Images

Methi mater malai: This dish from North India is extremely tasty and aromatic. It is made with dried fenugreek leaves, green peas and crème fraîche. It’s an amazing side dish with roti and naan.


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