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Nashik: The state agriculture department has established a Food and Agri-Food Processing Directorate which focuses on revitalizing the sector in Maharashtra.
Currently, there are approximately 16,000 such units statewide. Agriculture Secretary Eknath Dawale said the department has set a goal of attracting investment of around Rs 10,000 crore over the next four to five years.
The Agriculture Department’s decision is gaining momentum as tomato growers in Nashik threw their produce on the road after the total price fell. Officials said the solution to low agricultural prices lies in adding value to vegetables and fruits grown by farmers.
“While private companies will be encouraged to set up medium and small food processing units, the state government would assist these units by providing grants to make investments,” Dawale said.
In addition, management would be responsible for aggressively marketing the products produced by these units. “Management has also identified districts under the One District, Government Production program. We are already in the process of hiring staff from the Agriculture Department for the running of the branch, ”said Dawale.
“Management will develop an action plan to attract private actors in food processing, branding and product marketing and other related activities,” he added.
Sunil Pawar, general manager of the Maharashtra State Agriculture Marketing Board (MSAMB), said there had been huge fluctuations in the supply of agricultural products like onion, tomatoes, potatoes and others. products.
“The exceptional supply of agricultural products leads to a fall in prices which results in losses for farmers. Therefore, value addition is the only solution for which the state government has established a separate direction for food and agrifood processing, ”he said.

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