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Scottsdale, AZ – Providing better food transparency for seafood purchases in the United States, iFoodIQ (623-440-1726) is launching its most comprehensive traceability solution. From ocean to plate, consumers better understand the individuals behind the product.

The aim of the new tool is to improve food intelligence, not only by detailing how a product moves through the supply chain, but by getting to know the people behind it. iFoodIQ tells the stories of the “little guys” who make up the chain – from the organic farmer in California to the captain of a fishing boat off the coast of Maine.

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The new extended traceability solution is particularly useful for seafood purchases. Now more than ever, consumers need to know where and where their fish products come from.

Analysts have observed that the current labor shortage, combined with an increase in consumer demand, has triggered an increase in seafood prices. Several supply chain issues are involved, including the issue of find out why fewer workers are engaged in the seafood industry. As demand for seafood grows, companies may be forced to hire less skilled employees to keep pace.

Additionally, consumers are now more aware of outdated and harmful fishing practices that leave traces of toxic metals in seafood. These materials, if ingested, can cause lasting harm to humans.

Experts note that to keep the supply chain untangled, full transparency of every link must be accessible to everyone. This is where iFoodIQ comes in.

Its tool sheds light on every link in the chain and provides valuable information on every aspect. It strives to humanize the food industry with accurate and reliable food intelligence.

iFoodIQ is a division of Food Marketing Solutions, a leading food brand in the United States for over 20 years. The team behind Food Marketing Solutions has partnered with several technology experts to create an informative food traceability platform: iFoodIQ.

A company spokesperson said: “Consumers recognize the importance of transparent food information. By using iFoodIQ, you have the means for traceability, but you also have the ability to see the story behind the product – the individual work and energy that goes into each product selection.

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