Sam’s Club brings the heat with hot new products Nashville


While many people buy Sam’s Club for the value, some special food items sometimes require a special visit beyond the weekly purchases. With these hot new products from Nashville, this slow burn of bold spices keeps people coming back for more.

Some people are looking for big, bold flavors. Although there is a time and a place for simple flavors, complex flavors can often be a tasty option.

Although many people think Nashville is hot when it comes to fried chicken or fried chicken sandwiches, the reality is that the mix of peppers, spices, and seasonings isn’t limited to just one protein. This flavor can transform a variety of foods.

What are the hot new menus at Sam’s Club Nashville?

With March Madness coming up and Spring Break around the corner, many people are snacking more and more. the Member Mark Nashville Hot Chicken Potato Chips feature this iconic seasoning. While the bold, spicy flavors are the first taste, the lingering sweetness keeps everyone getting their hands dirty.

Available in a 16oz bag for $2.96, these chips can be more than a snack too. For a little more, consider turning the fries into a seasoning/coating for the chicken. This might be an easy way to make a different take on Nashville Hot Chicken. Or, just put fries on this chicken sandwich and enjoy.

French fries are the only snacks on the shelf. Buck Wild Nashville Hot Snack Mix satisfies that tangy craving. This snack mix includes “Hickory Smoked Seasoned Almonds, Hot Almond Poppers, Hot Seasoned Peanuts, Black Pepper Glazed Pumpkin Seeds, and Hot Churrito Sticks.” While people can debate the right way to eat mixed nuts, this combination of flavors and textures makes it a winner.

And, someone might want these black pepper pumpkin seeds sold on their own. This element could be a delicious addition to a variety of dishes.

Buck Wild Nashville Hot-Style Snack Mix is ​​available at Sam’s Club. A 16.5 oz bag sells for $8.48.

Finally, for foodies who want to put their own culinary creativity to the test, there’s a new Mark Nashville hot seasoning from Member. The 8oz bottle is only $3.98.

Thinking about this seasoning, it can be used in a variety of recipes. Although protein flavoring is an obvious choice, consider sprinkling it on vegetables. This might make picky eaters more excited to get their veggies.

These hot Nashville products are just a few of the many specials available at Sam’s Club. Even though there’s great value in the aisles, sometimes a special offer is a reason to add a few extras to the cart.


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