Salmonella and sulfur dioxide found in popular food items in full list of July recalls as Dublin take out was forced to close



The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has issued several allergen alerts to retailers and customers so far in July.

Sulfur dioxide, salmonella and unidentified allergens found in food are just a few of the reasons that recall advisories have been issued.

And a Dublin takeaway was also forced to shut down by the FSAI.

The first food warning was issued on July 1 regarding the detection of sulfur dioxide in a batch of dried Tung Ku – Shiitake mushrooms without a stem, although it did not appear on the ingredient list.

According to an FSAI spokesperson: “This can make the batch unsafe for consumers who are allergic or intolerant to sulfur dioxide.”

The alert was placed on a 100 g package of the product with an expiration date of 12/10/2022.

The next alert concerns a misleading label on a packet of Naturli ‘Brownie Buzz Fudgy Chunks.

Naturli ‘Brownie Buzz Fudgy Pieces

The product contains ice cream cones with the label indicating that it contains “cereals containing gluten (wheat)”.

However, the text on the back of the packaging states that “the cone is 100% vegetable, gluten free and delicious”.

A spokesperson clarified that the cone is gluten-free but the brownie filling is not.

The alert adds that it may make these batches dangerous for consumers who are allergic or intolerant to cereals containing gluten.

Several Avoca curry products have an alert placed on them for shellfish not declared on the ingredient list.

The lots involved include Thai green chicken curry, Thai sweet potato and snow pea curry, Thai red chicken curry and spicy black beans with avocado, kale and squash laksa.

All products with an expiration date until July 15, 2021 inclusive may contain undeclared crustaceans.

Spar Basil Pesto
Spar Basil Pesto

Yesterday an alert was issued on a batch of Spar Basil Pesto which was packaged with the incorrect label on the back of the package.

The product contains milk which is not mentioned in the list of ingredients.

This can make the batch unsafe for consumers who are allergic or intolerant to milk or its constituents.

The FSAI has also issued a recall notice on a batch of Koldùnai Gimtines meatballs with meat due to the presence of Salmonella.

Ravioli Koldùnai Gimtines with meat
Ravioli Koldùnai Gimtines with meat

“Point of sale recall notices will be posted in stores supplied with the affected lot,” the spokesperson said.

People infected with Salmonella usually develop symptoms between 12 and 36 hours after infection, but this can vary between 6 and 72 hours.

Other symptoms can include fever, headache, and abdominal cramps. The illness usually lasts four to seven days.

Meanwhile, a Dublin take-out was shut down by authorities last month due to food safety concerns.

Avocado curry products
Avocado curry products

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has confirmed that a shutdown order has been served on Kristina Ruszova, owner of downtown take-out DFC Take-Away, or Dublin Fried Chicken as it’s called, at 82B Dorset Street Lower.

The popular take-out order was served on June 18 and has yet to be lifted according to the FSAI.

A detailed report on the business shutdown will be released next week.

You can find more information on the FSAI website .

It was one of three locations FSAI closed last month across the country with the other companies served by orders from Tipperary and Limerick.

In April, an unregistered food business operating out of a house in south Dublin was shut down after inspectors discovered water leaking from the bathroom in the food preparation area.

the Close order was served by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland on Rilwan Fujah from 2 Brownsbarn Wood, Kingswood Cross, Dublin 22 on April 20.

A report on the closure detailed a number of violations of food safety regulations.

The report found that the establishment had not been registered as a food business and that goods had been placed on the market without benefiting from official controls.

Apart from water leaks in the food preparation area, the inspectors also found that no arrangements had been made to monitor the temperature of the food.

Consumers also did not provide written dietary information on substances that could cause allergies and no HACCP safety measures were implemented.

The report also found a lack of effective food traceability while there was also a lack of adequate food safety training.

FSAI CEO Dr Pamela Byrne said: “The operation of any unregistered food business will not be tolerated and all the power of the law will be used to prevent these food businesses from endangering the health of consumers. .

“It is the responsibility of all food business owners to ensure that their food business is registered and operating in accordance with legal requirements under food law.

“Consumers have a right to healthy food and we urge anyone concerned or suspected that unusual activity is demonstrated by a food company to contact us through our online complaint form at and we’ll investigate. ”

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