SA plans to fund resources for students and families affected by Hurricane Ida


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The Syracuse University Student Association planned to raise and fund resources for students and families affected by Hurricane Ida in Louisiana during their last meeting.

President David Bruen and Vice President Darnelle Stinfort announced Monday evening that they will be carrying out research and research on relief resources and organizations. They will soon be finalizing their research on organizations and plan to promote the organizations to the student body, they said.

“It sounds corny, but it’s true,” Bruen said. “We are all part of an Orange family and we want to be able to support students and those affected in Louisiana and the surrounding areas.”

Bruen and Darnelle also announced their progress over the summer and early fall semester. Bruen said he, along with student government leaders from other universities, signed a letter to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris asking for student debt cancellation.


“I am exploring options to pass a similar bill to this effect here at the League via SA,” Bruen said.

Additionally, Bruen said he appreciates student concerns about the availability of distance learning options during the pandemic after #NotAgainSU posted urged students to boycott in-person classes until a virtual option is approved.

Bruen encouraged faculty to create hybrid options to be more accommodating and accessible to the needs of all students.

Other business:

  • Bruen also announced that the League’s board of directors had rejected the proposed voting rights of SA’s student representatives. SA plans to make changes and propose to the board soon.
  • Over the summer, Stinfort met with food services to discuss student concerns surrounding the new meal plans. Stinfort said she and food services are working to include more sustainable and better food options in campus mess halls.

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