President Biden Hosts Roundtable with Leading Retailers on Holiday Shopping, Stocked Shelves and Supply Chain Challenges


Today, President Biden, Director of the National Economic Council, Brian Deese and Cedric Richmond, Director of the Office of Public Engagement, hosted a roundtable with a diverse group of American businesses to discuss their prospects for the strong Holiday shopping season and steps big and small businesses have taken to meet consumer demands. The meeting also highlighted the steps companies are taking to overcome supply chain bottlenecks and the progress they are seeing at ports in LA and Long Beach, thanks to the administration’s work. Biden-Harris.

The CEOs thanked President Biden for his attention to supply chain bottlenecks and the productive partnership he has established with the private sector to deal with these disruptions.
Business leaders noted the strength of their supply chains, especially for seasonal items, and highlighted the ways in which they had planned ahead, diversified their supplier base, researched new products and established close partnerships with suppliers to be ready to meet seasonal demand. The result of this planning is evident in their high inventory levels and high on-time delivery rates.

Participants noted that the backlog at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports had declined, and Walmart CEO Doug McMillon noted a 51% improvement in his company’s throughput at ports thanks to the work of the ‘Biden-Harris Port Envoy.

In addition to discussing the holiday shopping season, the president also noted progress at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which have seen a drop of more than 40% in the number of long-lasting containers, a sign important that speed and fluidity are coming back.

Black Friday sales are up 30% from a year ago and we are in the midst of a retail boom with retail sales rising double digits each month in 2021 compared to last year. last year. In October, retail sales rose 15 percent from a year ago.

Many retailers launched Black Friday deals as early as October, and many Americans shopped for the holiday season earlier than usual, flaunting the impact of holiday season shopping.

Click here to read the latest updates on progress at our ports.

Meeting participants included:

  • Corie Barry, CEO, Best Buy
  • KS Choi, CEO, Samsung
  • Carlos Castro, CEO, Todos supermarket
  • Meg Ham, President, Food Lion
  • Ynon Kreiz, CEO, Mattel
  • Karen Lynch, President and CEO, CVS Health
  • Doug McMillon, President and CEO, Walmart
  • Rodney McMullen, CEO, Kroger
  • David Rawlinson, President and CEO, Qurate Retail Group
  • Josh Silverman, CEO, Etsy

Declarations by the company manager:

Karen Lynch – President and CEO of CVS Health
“We are seeing progress on port congestion and staffing levels as a result of recent administration actions, and the outlook for keeping shelves stocked is improving every day. The focus on the increased availability of over-the-counter COVID-19 tests has also had a significant impact and offers countless families protection and peace of mind during the holiday season. When it comes to our pharmacies, we have been able to use our expertise and extensive partnerships across the supply chain to ensure the continued availability of prescription drugs since the onset of the pandemic. “

Josh Silverman – CEO of Etsy
“Today, I’m proud to represent the Etsy community of over five million sellers in a discussion about the strength of small businesses in the White House. Along with other business and retail leaders, I meet with President Joe Biden to help resolve the country’s supply chain crisis. I plan to use this time to remind administration that it is essential to always consider actions that foster an environment where small businesses are able to operate and thrive.

Rodney McMullen – CEO of Kroger
“At Kroger, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the needs of our customers while on vacation. We are grateful to President Biden for inviting us to share Kroger’s unique perspective on providing fresh, affordable and delicious food to customers this holiday season. We thank the Biden administration for their efforts to alleviate current supply chain issues. We remain focused on providing a complete, fresh and friendly experience to our customers by attracting and retaining workers with Kroger’s culture of opportunity, providing affordable Our Brands products, partnering with vendors to plan increased demand and to increase our safety stock on over 70 of our most critical categories, leveraging our data insights to identify complementary / substitute items to meet customer needs where suppliers cannot not meet demands, and by diversifying the ports of entry through which we plan.

Carlos Castro – CEO of Todos supermarket
“I was honored to represent Todos and the Independent Community Grocers of America at today’s White House Roundtable on Supply Chain Challenges. While independents are resilient and our customers can count on us during the holidays, unfortunately independent grocers continue to face competitive disadvantages when sourcing scarce products. We appreciate the President’s leadership in helping solve key issues facing retailers and consumers.

KS Choi – President and CEO of Samsung North America
“As consumer demand for technology products continues to be unprecedented, Samsung is committed to ensuring that American consumers have the home appliances and electronics they need and need. We applaud President Biden for taking steps to spur public / private collaborations that help address supply chain challenges that might otherwise impact the holiday season. Since the White House Roundtable on Port Congestion, as promised, we have increased our capacity and significantly reduced our backlog at the LA and Long Beach ports, which helps ensure we will stick to vacation shopping. of our consumers. “

Ynon Kreiz – CEO of Mattel
“I was encouraged by President Biden’s commitment to support the private sector in mitigating supply chain disruptions, including port congestion. Mattel values ​​administrative leadership in helping to focus attention and resources in this important area. We continue to meet supply chain challenges and work closely with our valued retail partners to try to meet the unprecedented demand for our product. We’re sure there will be plenty of Mattel toys for kids of all ages to enjoy this holiday season. The toy industry is a growing industry and is expected to continue to grow as children, parents and caregivers play more important roles in their lives. We appreciate the invitation to share information with the White House on Mattel’s perspective on the supply chain and preparing the toy industry for the holiday season. We look forward to continuing the dialogue.

Meg Ham – President of Food Lion
“I appreciated the opportunity to speak with President Biden and others today to discuss the supply chain and our ongoing work to ensure our neighbors have the items they need to feed their families. family. The pandemic has transformed almost every aspect of our business – from the way customers shop to the way food is produced and transported to our shelves. Although there have been targeted supply chain issues, the food supply chain remains strong and there are many products available for customers on our shelves. We continue to work with our large and diverse supplier network, source products from new partners, and engage directly with other local suppliers. On a daily basis, we work with our supply chain partners, ADUSA Supply Chain, to get products to our stores to meet customer needs.



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