Popular Food Brand Haldiram’s Has Been Trending Online: Here’s Why


On Tuesday, netizens were surprised to learn that popular food company Haldiram dominated trends on social media platforms. A heated exchange between a television journalist and the manager of a Haldiram outlet over the use of ‘Urdu’ labeling on its food products has sparked a new debate on social media platforms.

In a video that has gone viral, a reporter from Sudarshan News TV was seen having an intense debate with a Haldiram store employee. The reporter was overheard asking staff about the reason for using Urdu on the packaging of a product for people who fast during Navratri.

In the clip, the reporter was also heard asking what Haldiram was trying to hide and whether the snacks contained beef oil or any oil produced from animal fat.

The Sudarshan News reporter confronted Haldiram’s over a company’s product – ‘Falhari Mixture’, a Gujarati snack which is a mixture of peanuts and potatoes.

The product packaging displays English and Gujarati text on the front, along with a green dot, symbolizing that it is a vegetarian product. On the back of the product, there are ingredient details written in Arabic, which was assumed to be in Urdu by the reporter.

When the reporter asked Haldiram staff to explain the rationale for including Urdu on a product aimed at Hindu customers, the staff flew into a rage. The journalist also said that the society betrays Hindus who fast during Navratri.

“You can do anything, mom. Haldiram will not welcome such temper tantrums,” the staff can be heard saying. As the reporter continued to confront the staff, the angry lady claimed that people from all communities speaking different languages ​​were coming to the store.

“Why do you have to read in Urdu, mom? It is also written in English and Hindi,” the staff said.

As the reporter continued to ask the motive behind the use of Urdu, the staff retorted, “If you want to have this, you can have it. If you don’t want to have it, you can just keep it here and leave from my outlet.

The incident drew mixed reactions on social media platforms. As left-wing liberals and Urdu fanatics rushed to hail Haldiram staff for shouting at the Sudarshan News reporter, several netizens demanded answers from the company for using “Urdu” wrappers. “, a product that is used explicitly by Hindus, especially during Navarathri.

It can be noted that several products produced by Indian manufacturers also use Arabic text on the packaging, as these products are exported to the Gulf countries. Haldiram products have a huge market in the Gulf countries, and since these countries use the Arabic language, several Haldiram products use Arabic text. However, this does not answer the question of why the company uses the same packaging for the domestic market and the export market. The company can easily use different packaging with different labels and avoid such controversies.


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