Papa Johns has a new logo


“’Better ingredients, better pizza’ is something that is at the heart of this brand, but how does that stack up with a greater ambition to always be hungry to be better as a business, and what are the building blocks of this? Max Wetzel, commercial director, said in an interview. “What we’ve heard from customers is that Papa Johns is a premium brand in the context of our competition, but it’s a brand that really hasn’t changed much from a logo point of view or of a color palette. And the environment has really changed a lot since the last time we touched our logo. So, maybe consumers thought it was a little old, maybe a little stale, and there was an opportunity to evolve it.

Papa Johns hired San Francisco design firm Su Mathews Hale Design to reinterpret their logo in an effort to be more flexible and better appear in digital activations, where the majority of the channel’s commissions come from. The logo retains its signature arc but removes the apostrophe and is rendered both vertically and horizontally. The flatter, simpler look is similar to how other brands have attempted to make logos more digitally friendly, including Nissan, BMW, and Volkswagen.

These “best ingredients” are highlighted thanks to a new color palette inspired by them: the dominant red and green represent tomato and basil, joined by off-white representing the dough, light purple (for the ‘garlic) and a pepperoni-inspired yellow-green, providing the brand with “bold pops and playful accents,” Wetzel said.

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A personalized font, created by the London agency Forpeople in partnership with Colophon Foundry, helps distinguish the way the brand delivers its message. The new guy, said Wetzel, was inspired by the “stretchability” of his pizza dough. The chain will also feature new illustrations to help orientate in restaurants and online.


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