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Over the years, Target has become a great place to shop for quality groceries. They carry many mainstream and natural food brands, but they have also developed their own budget house brands: Favorite Day, Good & Gather and Market Pantry. We’ve unearthed dozens of fantastic dairy-free finds under these three lines, which are exclusive to Target stores. They are grouped by section to help you navigate their store, in person or online. You can click on the links below to jump to the category of your choice or browse the entire Target dairy-free shopping list!

Dairy-Free Target: 100+ items exclusive to their stores - Big budget surprises in their Favorite Day, Market Pantry and Good & Gather in-house brands

Target dairy-free shopping list with over 100 budget items

Target’s private labels also include competitively priced versions of many staples, which are naturally dairy-free. This dairy-free Target shopping list focuses on treats you may not be familiar with. It starts with seasonal treats, which you won’t want to miss, then jumps into everyday groceries to help inspire your dairy-free target list.

This guide is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as recommendations. Ingredients, processes and products are subject to change at any time. Always read the label before buying to make sure the product is safe for your needs. All food products present some degree of risk of potential cross-contamination with allergens. If you are concerned, contact the company to discuss their allergen protocols. This list is merely a useful guide and should not replace your own due diligence. If you think anything has changed, please leave a comment.

Seasonal – Halloween

Prime: They have several other Hyde & EEK Halloween gummies, candy toppers, and sprinkles that are also dairy-free.

Dairy alternatives

Other Chilled / Deli

Prime: Under their Good & Gather line, Target also sells a fun selection of salsas, has a full line of deli meats (last checked, they were all dairy-free – but check!), and has other easy-to-prepare foods , such as sausage bulk.

Pastry shop

Frozen desserts

Other frozen foods

Toppings for desserts and baking

Prime: Target also has a good line of food coloring and sprinkles, with plenty of seasonal options, which are usually made dairy-free.

Candy pantry

Prime: Target sells an entire line of gummies and candies under its Favorite Day brand. Most are made without major allergens, and everything we saw was dairy-free. Most are non-vegan due to beeswax and/or gelatin.

Snacks in the pantry

Prime: You can also enjoy a good selection of mixed nuts, roasted nuts, freeze-dried fruits and jerky under the Target house brands.

Shelf stable sauces and dressings

Prime:Target also offers several types of house-brand potted salsas and staples like dairy-free barbecue sauce.

breakfast items

Other Pantry Items

Prime: Broth They offer a good range of broths, including starters for specialty soups, like ramen and pho.

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