New study reveals how ‘proliferation of choices’ affects individuals in community


A new study has discovered the impact of the proliferation of choices on the psyche of the person and the society. The results of the study were published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

According to ANI reports, Shilpa Madan, assistant professor of marketing at Pamplin College of Business, noted, “America is known as the republic of choice. Just go to the supermarket, and there is a bewildering variety of cookies.

According to the Food Marketing Institute, a trade group, the number of products in an average supermarket has grown from around 9,000 to almost 47,000 over the past three decades.

Madan showed in this study how the importance of choice alone can have a variety of deep psychological impacts, including individual empowerment.

According to Madan, ANI reported, “People become more self-reliant and care about their own interests just by thinking about making decisions. People are becoming more individualistic because of this. “

Madan stressed that these decisions don’t have to be life changing to be influential.

“You choose to like a few Instagram photos while ignoring a lot of others. The simple fact that you have the choice, that you are in control, helps people feel independent and meaningful. We believe we are making choices that shape our environment, but most of us don’t know how our decisions shape us, ”Madan explained.

As Madan noted, we can experience these negative implications today during the COVID pandemic, as people increasingly act in their own best interests and choose to be independent by refusing to wear masks and make themselves vaccinate. Individualism, on the other hand, could also have adverse effects on collective well-being.

His research shows that the impact is the same regardless of the culture. Madan continued,

“As researchers, we are looking for strategies that can mitigate the negative impact of choice on collective well-being in specific circumstances. What kinds of interventions can we design to get people to wear masks, get vaccinated, or take care of the environment? “

Additionally, Madan stressed that choices should be made slowly and consciously. She cited the Virginia Tech slogan to recognize their work.

“This is reflected in Virginia Tech’s motto, Ut Prosim (May I Serve). Make decisions that are not only selfish but also beneficial to everyone around you,” Madan concluded.

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