McDonald’s McRib Viral Twitter Video Exposes Nasty Process


Questionable footage has shown the ‘evil’ process behind the creation of the McDonald’s McRib burger, with many customers vowing never to order the item again.

A video shared on Twitter this week drew revulsion from thousands of viewers after it showed frozen blocks of the ‘rib’ product slapped on a grill in batches of six.

Once thawed, the items, which had been pre-shaped into the shape of ribs, were removed from the grill and placed in slide-out containers filled with a thick brown sauce.

The slabs were then placed over onions and pickles on a lightly toasted bun before being sealed in a box and sent down a chute to fulfill an order.

It was unclear which store the footage was filmed at, but it was suspected that most stores would follow the same process.

The person who uploaded the video, which has been viewed more than 1.2 million times, suggested the ribs could barely be considered food.

“Can this even be considered food?” A McDonald’s employee decides to reveal how a McRib is made,” their post read.

Of over 3,000 people responding, many agreed that the articles didn’t look too appealing.

“I just threw up in my mouth. Just a little,” one person replied.

“It looks like a deep-fried kitchen sponge soaked in barbecue sauce,” someone else explained.

“Wow I don’t eat pork but wow that’s NASTY,” said another.

Others were less offended and said they would continue to order McRibs at the slightest opportunity.

“I’m not saying it’s fancy food or anything, but…this is what frozen ground meat tastes like. Yeah, it’s shaped and molded to look like pork ribs (rather), but I don’t mind. McRibs taste pretty good for what they are,” one wrote.

“This is literally how every grilled item is made at McDonald’s. I don’t see the point,” someone else said.

McDonald’s Australia does not stock the McRib.

The company has been contacted for comment on the video.


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