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He’s known as the godfather of Korean tacos, but here in Los Angeles, it’s just Roy. We’re of course talking about celebrity Korean-American chef Roy Choi, who rose to culinary royalty after his Kogi BBQ food truck became Tinseltown’s tastiest treat, leading to restaurants across the country and a show at success on Netflix.

Usually, the Kogi BBQ food truck is known for its tacos and burritos. Yes, the truck has vegetarian options like tofu tacos and my favorite character the kimchi quesadilla, but the ribs have always been the star. But now, thanks to Field Roast’s new Los Angeles Dodgers vegetarian hot dog, Choi is hoping that will change.

Chef Roy Choi presents his new creation, “The Home Run”, a plant-based hot dog topped with his famous Kogi coleslaw, three salsas, sesame seeds, vegan cheese and relish.

Since 1962, the famous “Dodger Dog” at Dodger Stadium has been provided by sponsors Morell Meat and Farmer John. That all changed in 2020, when the Dodgers’ contract with farmer John ended and the team moved to a new supplier, California-based Papa Cantella’s.

Now with a new supplier, the Dodger Dog created a controversy among loyal fans, but it also provided a new opportunity for a new market and a new supplier with the “Veggie Dodger Dog”.

More people are choosing to go with plant-based alternatives to meat, and the Dodgers and Choi believe this is a trend that will continue in the future.

“Almost 10 years ago, I was like, ‘If I really believe in change and the things I’m talking about, I have to start with myself.’ So little by little I started to change and make conscious decisions about what I ate and when I ate it, “Choi said in an interview with the InsideHook website. “I tell people who want to make a change but don’t know how to make cold turkey that it’s all in the process. Don’t let peer pressure or society dictate your goals. Just because you’re not quite there doesn’t mean you’re not trying. I think it’s important to celebrate small successes. If someone chooses to eat a meal that is not of animal origin, we should celebrate it and then help them have two meals and three meals. Everything is so absolute whether you are a vegan or not. Either you believe in animal rights or you don’t. Either you’re all herbal or you’re not, and you’re the bad guy. I don’t look at the world in this binary way. For me, it’s about trying to make conscious decisions with every meal and every bite.

June 3e, the Dodgers announced that they have entered into a multi-year partnership with Chicago-based company Field Roast, to supply the team’s new vegetarian Dodger Dogs at Dodger Stadium.

Choi also partners with them, adding the double-smoked hot dog to their Kogi BBQ menu and calling it “The Home Run”. Field Roast Signature Stadium Plant-Based Hot Dog is grilled and topped with Choi’s famous Kogi Coleslaw, three kinds of salsa, sesame seeds, vegan cheese and relish.

“My relationship with Field Roast is very important to me, but not just to me,” said Choi. “I feel like where I am in my life and in the world of food and the journey of everything, I have the ability to influence people to make better choices. sounds like a hollow PR move or a twist you don’t really mean. If I want people to believe that I really want them to eat less meat or maybe even change their lives with it. plant-based foods, I have to treat the food like I’m cooking something else. That’s why I thought a hot dog being the first route to it all was really, really important. From tailgates to parties birthday party, at home ball games, the hot dog is everywhere. My goal was to take that catwalk that connects us all and makes it so delicious that people wouldn’t notice the difference between eating a hot dog at home. meat and a plant-based hot dog. This is the first time that I have had a fully cooked hot dog. herbal where I eat it and don’t think it’s not meat. “

The Home Run is available nationwide through Goldbelly, as well as at Kogi stores based in Los Angeles and Pasadena. In addition to new plant-based food products, Kogi is working with SS21 Stadium Streetwear Collection, a Shepard Fairey company, to launch a new baseball-inspired limited edition streetwear collection that will come with any item purchased at the Kogi BBQ Truck. at Pasadena la Kogi Taqueria in Los Angeles, and via Goldbelly.

SS21 Stadium Collection + Field Roast Kogi Dog

SS21 Stadium Collection + Field Roast Kogi Dog

“Kogi is a taco truck, but we’ve made the conscious decision to add an herbal element that’s a signature element,” Choi said. “Maybe it leads to another, then another. Who knows? In a year, we might have five items. It all depends on that process. I wouldn’t mind Kogi going from truck status to tacos selling Korean short ribs barbecue tacos in 2008 to be the leader in Korean plant-based barbecue herbal tacos in 2028. I wouldn’t mind this progression in terms of the company’s journey and the company story. I believe in reducing the carbon footprint of cattle ranching, I believe in not killing animals at the factory level like we are doing. “

Choi himself has made the transition to consuming more plant-based foods and believes his diet is now 70-80% plant-based protein compared to animal consumption.

Regular “Veggie Dodger Dog” Field Roast is available at Dodger Stadium at select concession stands throughout the stadium. The Kogi “The Home Run” is only available until September.

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