Kansas Food Bank sees increased demand for services amid inflation


WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – As we continue to see record high prices on fuel and most commodities, volunteers from the kansas food bank strive to meet the growing demand for its services.

“That’s just one indication of what inflation is doing to us, and it’s hurting people across the region,” said Wichita resident James Barfield.

Kansas Food Bank President and CEO Brian Walker discussed the pandemic and inflation with increased demand for services.

“We have seen this huge increase during COVID. We haven’t seen that number go down. It was stable for a while,” Walker said. “But now we’re starting to see that number go up again. We don’t have the May numbers yet, but we do know the April numbers are up about 15%. And that only makes sense, all of the things that we all feel with rising prices are affecting those food insecure people who are just trying to put a meal on the table.

Walker said more volunteers are needed to help with the increase.

“We rely on people to help support the work we do,” he said. “We can turn $1 into about four meals with what we do. They can help us as well. Or, as we mentioned earlier, if they want to spend time volunteering, give us a call.

Those interested in volunteering with the Kansas Food Bank can visit the organization’s site website or call 316-265-3663.

Through the challenges, the food bank is there to help you.

“The food insecure people we’re trying to help, it affects them more than the people who are more earning and through no fault of their own, it affects them more,” Walker said.

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