Just in Time for the Super Bowl: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Helps Fight Hunger in CNY


Syracuse, NY – A Western New York chip company has teamed up with one of Syracuse’s most popular restaurants to create a Super Bowl snack with local flavors.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que and New York tokens built a potato chip that tastes like the familiar sauce found on ribs and chicken at the Water Street bar and restaurant. Hundreds of 8-ounce bags hit store shelves Friday, with money from sales going to the Central New York Food Bank.

John Stage, the founder of Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, worked with All Seasonings in Oneida to deconstruct the flavor profile of his restaurant’s original basting sauce. It took about 10 back and forth over the past year before they settled on something resembling the sauce, but in a powder that would stick to locally grown potatoes.

“It’s not as easy as it sounds,” Stage said Monday. “It was quite a process. But they’re pretty tasty, don’t you think?”

The disheveled fries taste like a dry version of a potato dipped in Stage’s gravy, not just a fry covered in salty spices.

Stage says the chip is meant to be eaten on its own, not dipped in onion dip. They’re probably best served with a cold beer, he suggested.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Potato Chips. (Charlie Miller | [email protected])

New York Chips will pay the dinosaur 4% of the price paid for each bag as a license fee. Stage donates all proceeds to the Food Bank of Central New York, a nonprofit organization that works to end hunger through food distribution, education, and advocacy.

“I wanted (the money) to help people here,” Stage said. “The food bank works so hard to feed those in need. It all starts with them. »

Last year, the food bank distributed more than 18 million pounds of fresh produce, dairy products and lean meats to community organizations, said Lynn Hy, the food bank’s director of development.

“As long as the chips sell, New York Chips will continue to make them and Fook Bank will continue to benefit,” Hy said.

Tokens are available at Wegmans, Tops, Walmart and 7-Eleven stores. They are also available at all Dinosaur stores. At Wegmans, you can pick up a bag for $2.99. They are already selling out quickly. On Monday, two of the shelves that each held 50 bags at the end of aisle 1A of the Fairmount Wegmans had already been cleared.

“Don’t worry, we’ve got more,” said Dinosaur Marketing Director Liz Balduzzi.

New York Chips, based at Marquart Farms in Gainesville, about 55 miles south of Rochester, has created chips on other popular flavors statewide. The company already sells Anchor Bar chips, mimicking the sauce found on the famous chicken wings. He also created crisps that taste like spiedie, a Binghamton delicacy.

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