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HYDERABAD: They say you eat with your eyes first. Food style is essential in the F&B industry because the plating, photography, and overall presentation are what attract diners. Even when you’re not hungry, the glimpse of a good food photo is enough to make your mouth water.

Well, it’s no coincidence. Restaurants hire professional food stylists who work around food to click images that stick in your head forever. We talk to city-based professional food photographers who have created eye-catching menus.

PIC: Ronodip

Freelance photographer Martin Louis Fernandes makes sure his food photos tell a delicious story. “For me, the story/process of the food builds a narrative for my image. It gives me a good idea of ​​what the chef wants to achieve and curate for the guests. Food presentation is an art — of altering, processing, arranging and decorating to enhance the aesthetic appeal of food.The time required to wrap food varies is sometimes 15 minutes and even an hour!Factors such as dosage, style, choice right dishes, timing and garnish come into play when styling food,” he says.

Martin loves photographing his food in natural light. “However, you will need to work quickly to photograph different foods on the menu, as the amount and intensity of natural light varies throughout the day. I mix up the angles of the photo; not all foods are best under a certain angle, some are photographed from certain angles relative to others. Play around with your plate, choose how you are going to photograph certain foods, it’s a great opportunity to rethink the plate of certain dishes. The best part about photography culinary is that many rules can be changed to meet a specific need,” he says.

It’s not always the food on the table that gets slaughtered. Martin says, “I choose a location where there is good natural light, which helps showcase the restaurant. I also try to incorporate various elements to recreate the mood so that clients get a better idea of ​​the decor and the general mood. Color, texture and shapes are crucial elements of the culinary experience.

Meanwhile, Ronodip aka Poodforn, a cafe explorer and freelance food photographer, talks about the basics to keep in mind when styling food. He says: “Food should always look fresh, it should be turned as soon as it comes out of the kitchen. Ingredients should be highlighted. For example, if I click on a salad image, it should be fresh and have lots of lettuce, pomegranate, and ravioli. If it’s a burger, I use the top corner where I can show the patty and topping. When it comes to a steak, it should look juicy and fresh.

Desserts are Ronodip’s favorite. “When I photograph a cake, I add a human element to it. Someone picking it up with a spoon makes the image more real. Cupcakes and brownies are the most suitable for photos. They don’t require much effort. effort on your part!


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