Heineken’s Edelweiss merges specialty ingredients with a localized marketing strategy


Edelweiss, a wheat beer that uses alpine herbs, was first launched in South Korea in 2018 but only more recently entered several other markets in the Asia-Pacific region, including China, Taiwan , Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.

According to Marcelo Amstalden Möller, Global Brand and Marketing Director of Heineken Premium Beer, many of the brand’s launch activities have faced various challenges due to instabilities amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is not is that now that life returns. normal that the company has decided to go big with its latest Alpine Spirit campaign to push the growth of Edelweiss even further.

“As it is, Edelweiss is already experiencing significant growth in the various markets it has launched in – it has one of the highest growth rates in our portfolio due to its mild taste, unique design and of its strong communication strategies in place for this,”Moller said FoodNavigator-Asia​.

“But we know there are even greater opportunities [for the brand] and want to be able to bring the alpine experience to even more consumers, so we conceptualized this Alpine Spirit campaign to bring highly recognized influencers from different markets to the Alps so that[twoformsofmarketingcouldessentiallydoinparallel-influencerscreatedcontentfrombeyondandshareditwiththeirfollowersandwealsofilmedthedifferentexperiencesthereforthecampaign–theinfluencerscreatedcontentfromthereandsharedthiswiththeirfollowersandwealsofilmedthevariousexperiencesthereforthecampaign[deuxformesdemarketingpuissentessentiellementsefaireenparallèle-lesinfluenceursontcrééducontenuàpartirdelàetl’ontpartagéavecleursabonnésetnousavonségalementfilmélesdifférentesexpérienceslà-baspourlacampagne[twoformsofmarketingcouldessentiallybedoneinparallel–theinfluencerscreatedcontentfromthereandsharedthiswiththeirfollowersandwealsofilmedthevariousexperiencesthereforthecampaign

“We also realize how important it is to localize content for consumers in different markets, so outside of influencers’ own content creation – like livestreaming for a Chinese audience – we also had five different scripts stories we wanted to tell. , and shot those six times with the six different local celebrities to best appeal to and be most relevant to the different local audiences.

The influencers hailed from South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Chile, and included various well-known faces ranging from actresses (e.g. Kang So-yeon from South Korea) to models (Cho Min Ho from South Korea) to online KOLs (e.g. Haoren from Malaysia) and famous athletes (e.g. Pangal Andrade Astorga from Chile).

Edelweiss itself is a premium beer brand focused on using specialist ingredients from the Alps, particularly the mountain herbs elderflower, sage and coriander, so although marketing is focused on localization, the beer itself will remain focused on the Alps.

“Edelweiss was launched a bit earlier in South Korea, so we already have flavor variations like raspberry and peach, but it’s too early at the moment to do it in other markets,”Moller added.

“Having said that, we’ll definitely be watching other markets, especially in APAC, because there’s a huge passion for fruit and flavors here, so there’s definitely potential for exploration in that regard for the region.”

“Overall, however, the goal of Edelweiss is very firmly to remain focused on the Alps and to bring a taste of the Alpine lifestyle, this long tradition of wheat beer and mountain ingredients. there, to consumers around the world.”

Premiumization in APAC

Möller also pointed out that premiumization is one of the strongest current trends in the beer industry, especially in APAC.

“That is particularly clear in this region due to strong economic development in recent years – of course COVID-19 has brought inflation and some challenges, but in the long term we certainly see this growth driving the growth of high-end products,he said.

“Consumers are definitely more inclined to explore beyond the ordinary products they’re used to seeing, whether it’s beer, food or clothing, so now is actually a good time. to bring a product like Edelweiss to APAC, because it’s premium with good solid European credentials.


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