Harvest Gold renews brand identity in youth-focused marketing campaign


For the first time in 28 years since its creation, Collect gold, the first Indian brand of bakery products, unveiled its new visual identity with a new logo and new packaging to strengthen its brand positioning. The new look replaces the previous image of a chef wearing a toque wearing fresh buns with a vibrant and energetic design of a rising sun. Harvest Gold’s new look is a tribute to the generation who embraced the brand as part of their lives.

From its humble beginnings as a domestic project with a single production unit in Bhiwadi, Harvest Gold has become a valued member in countless homes across India. For a company that sees the reception of its products and packaging by people as one of its lifeblood, the new packaging aims to have an everlasting impact in people’s minds, thereby influencing their purchasing decisions.

“The new Harvest Gold logo is uniquely Indian. It was designed with the fact that our audience is becoming more diverse every day in mind. The new logo resonates with the vibrant and dynamic spirit of young and effervescent India. The sun in the new logo reflects the energy and renewed hope that inspires people to make the most of each day, ”says Raj Kanwar Singh, MD, Harvest Gold.

The new packaging makes several changes to the front panel of the packages, including a custom legend in each variant, a wider red stripe, the use of a new-age font, better visibility of the product type and the use of the logo beyond the Le Colis seal. Starting July 9, the new design will be seen on all Harvest Gold products, as well as store, vehicle and merchandise shelves.

The new visual identity aims to strengthen its already dominant presence in the market. The calming yellow and blue colors celebrate their upbeat outlook on life which is complemented by the vibrant red color conveying a message of joy in the little things. Whether it’s a quick ‘nashta’ before work or a lazy Sunday brunch, Harvest Gold’s new look brings a refreshing wave of change, while giving them a hint of nostalgia with the taste of high quality of products. From recreating mom’s unique sandwiches to creating new recipes, the bold yet welcoming look of the new identity will make Harvest Gold products one of the staple items in their homes and reinforce the “Wahi” brand ethic. Swaad, Naya Andaaz ”.

Harvest Gold is one of the largest bread makers in India and provides 6 lakh loaves of bread every day, serving an equal number of families daily. During both shutdowns, the company served residents of Delhi NCR and other parts of northern India with its products including breads and rolls, flatbread varieties such as roti, kulcha and the pizza base, and the toast. The company also continued to work with its CSR implementation partners and partnered with several NGOs to provide care and gentleness to the less fortunate.

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