Guardia Civil arrests 10 people linked to illegal food transport


The Guardia Civil, as part of Operation DUEL, investigated and inspected companies dedicated to the transport of food in tanks and several tank washing facilities. This was done in order to detect irregularities in the transport of foodstuffs intended for human consumption. A total of 10 people were arrested and investigated in connection with the illegal transport of food.

SEPRONA, and the Traffic Group of the Guardia Civil carried out more than 700 controls and nearly 400 inspections of companies linked to the transport of food in tanks.

During the first half of 2021, the Guardia Civil in collaboration with AESAN (Spanish Agency for Food Security and Nutrition), verified the existence of irregularities committed by certain transport companies which did not offer guarantees of correct transport of food, with a potential risk for public health.

Trucks equipped for the transport of foodstuffs were detected, which used these tanks to transport other non-food products, without the corresponding washing of the tanks when going back and forth to their companies. These included waste, animal feed and fuel. In this way, they were able to reduce costs. In addition, they removed the mandatory “food only” stickers to avoid inspections by the competent authorities.

Ten people were arrested and tried for alleged crimes of false papers, and against public health, for transporting food in sub-optimal conditions for consumption.

Thanks to this operation, it was possible, on the one hand, to eliminate certain irregular practices practiced by certain transporters specializing in these transfers, and on the other hand, to guarantee the safety of the agrifood chain.

Nevertheless, it has been observed that almost the entire sector operates in accordance with the regulations in force in terms of food safety. The good practices of the majority of carriers in Spain which have been so fundamental in recent years in the distribution of goods with the Covid-19 pandemic are highlighted.

All the irregular foodstuffs identified as being contained in the tanks were finally destroyed, in accordance with the regulations in force.

Among the detainees, eight were in the province of Almeria, one in Valladolid and another in Lérida.


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