Groups Join Forces to Bring Healthy Foods and Resources to Louisville Neighborhoods


More than 2,000 bags of food were distributed Monday to pop-up clinics around Louisville. It was all part of an effort coordinated by the American Heart Association.



“It’s about extending life in our communities, so that we can live long and healthy lives,” said Whitten Montgomery of the American Heart Association. “This is about a thirteen year age difference in the lifespan going from postcode to postcode. If you’re going from the East End here to some of the neighborhoods – like in right now we’re in Parkland – it can be 13 years of difference in life. We don’t want to have that anymore. “


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That’s why the American Heart Association has partnered with Kroger, Chase Bank, and other groups to make a change. They hosted their second annual Step-Up event to bring food and resources to neighborhoods at six locations.

“We want to create this way of life, this strong, fun and energetic way of life around healthy eating. It is so important for our communities to take care of their bodies and to have good nutrition and to learn from them. more about it, and it starts with education about it, ”said Autumn Laird with Green District.

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“It’s been a really tough few years, and we wanted to show (the) love of community, and how better to do it than feed people,” said Stephanie Ratliff of Kroger.

They have distributed around 420 bags to each site with recipes, vegetables and information on healthy eating, which people in the community deem necessary.

“We need more events like this, and we need more healthy food brought to this area,” said Jerome Hickman.

Once the bags have all been distributed, their work continues.

“The problem is really about education, resources, representation, so today it’s only a small part, a very small first step in providing food, education and collaboration with other organizations to really show that we’re there, we’re here, and we want to make a difference. This is just the start, “said Montgomery.

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