Food, personal hygiene items wanted for Pantry food drive


Over the next year, 1 in 3 students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will face food insecurity and hunger.

The Hucker Pantry provides two on-campus locations to assist UNL students with food, toiletries and personal hygiene items, school supplies, and cleaning supplies. The pantry relies on donations to stock its shelves and fill the weekly collection bags so students don’t go hungry. 100% of donations benefit UNL students.

As part of its fall food drive taking place September 21-30, 2022, the food pantry is asking the community to help donate 3,500 items.

Popular items include all hygiene and personal care products; pasta, rice and noodles; and specialty groceries, such as chickpeas, quinoa and brown rice.

Over 6,000 items on average are distributed to UNL students every month and this unique event is great for keeping the shelves stocked for Huskers.

According to Kenji Madison, associate director of Big Red Resilience & Well-being and pantry supervisor, this is one of only two collections that determine pantry coordinates for itself each year. He helps keep stock on the shelves to feed students as the season changes into the colder months.

“Student visits to both cities are up 45.9% this fall compared to last year, in part due to economic inflation,” Madison adds. “With grocery store food prices showing no signs of stabilizing or declining, we expect demand for pantry services to also continue to rise.”

There are two ways to send donated items to the Pantry:

  • Online purchase via the Pantry’s Amazon Marketplace Wishlist. Items are shipped and delivered directly to the pantry inside the University Health Center.
  • Drop off locally purchased items in one of the 20 collection bins located on the city and east campuses. Find a location here.

For more details on the food drive and its operations, email [email protected]

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