Food Bank of Alaska sees demand rise as donations drop


ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) – The Food Bank of Alaska is seeing lower-than-normal donations as the needs of its partners have increased significantly due to high inflation, according to the Food Bank of Advocacy and Public Policy Chief. Alaska Cara Durr.

“It really is the perfect storm of things,” Durr said. “It’s, you know, pandemic-era programs winding down, as we see record inflation, low donations, so we’re really hoping we can increase our federal resources, we can increase our individual donations and bring to families the help they need.”

This month, the Alaska Department of Labor released a report that highlighted food prices in urban Alaska from April 2021 to April 2022. It found that food prices food increased by 11.3%, meat, poultry, fish and eggs increased by 14.4%, cereals and bakery products jumped by 10.2%.

“Everyone is feeling this pinch, this increased cost of groceries,” Durr said. “People may feel like they have less to give than normal.”

Durr added that many pandemic-era programs are winding down, and the SNAP Emergency Stipend, an increase in SNAP benefits during COVID, will end in August. The food bank‘s website has locations where you can donate food, and Durr said they encourage cash donations to buy food.

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