El Paso food pantry feeds the community by keeping food from going to waste


EL PASO, Texas – A local nonprofit organization helps reduce hunger while preventing food waste.

No Lost Food is a community food pantry that distributes food that others donate because it’s about to be thrown away.

The organization’s goal is to ensure that food does not end up in landfills and instead is donated to people in need.

Rosa Chavez, coordinator at No Lost Food, said it was an easy exchange for all parties involved.

“We enjoy the food because it’s always good and so there are a lot of businesses in El Paso that help us out and donate to the rest of the community who might need it – who might be hungry,” he said. she declared.

Chavez said they also take items that are about to expire or have already expired.

“If the items are expired and the company needs to get rid of them, we donate to farmers in our area who need to use them as fertilizer,” she said.

Chavez said they still need help. “Volunteers are always welcome. There is so much work to do that we are accepting several volunteers,” Chavez said.

She said this work is important and people depend on the nonprofit.

“We like to do good for people through our work, through volunteering and through the generosity of our community. It’s also a great way to recycle food and make sure it doesn’t end up in the trash,” she said.

The pantry takes place once a month. The next one will be in June. For more information about No Lost Food, contact them on their social media.


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