Donating toilet paper will help those less fortunate


United Supermarkets made an unusual donation to the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank this week, contributing more than 9,200 rolls of toilet paper.

After the pandemic shortages of 2020, United Supermarkets recovered and found there was a surplus in their warehouse.

Kim English, a First United Methodist Church volunteer, unwraps packets of toilet paper donated to the Wichita Falls area food bank by United Supermarkets.  The rolls are distributed to less fortunate families as part of the Project Back to School program.

The donation is part of a larger donation of more than 200,000 rolls of toilet paper to food banks in Texas and New Mexico. The donation represents a value of over $ 90,000.

“Right now, the food bank here is using the toilet paper rolls to go to the Back to School Project with back-to-school supplies for less fortunate children,” said Mitchell Veitenheimer, store manager for United on Jacksboro Highway.

Volunteers add toilet paper donated by United Supermarkets to Wichita Falls area food bank care packages.  The company donated more than 9,000 rolls.

The volunteers were busy on Wednesday loading roll after roll into the care packages.

“It’s just amazing that we are able to distribute this to the community in need. A lot of people who could not afford to feed themselves also could not afford to buy toilet paper. It is theirs. hard to get around. Transportation is the number one problem with a lot of nonprofits getting these things to people, ”said Simon Welch, WFAFB Marketing Director.

United Supermarkets donated over 9,000 rolls of toilet tissue to the Wichita Falls area food bank on Wednesday.  From left to right, Simon Welch of WFAFB, Josh Griffin, Larry Martin, Julie Brown and Mitchell Veitenheimer of United.

He added, “Now that we have received this we can put it in our bags for Project Back to School and we can also take it out with our mobile pantry when we go out to do our distributions.”

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