Dionne Warwick vows to fight back after Oreo sends her “scandalous articles”


Dionne Warwick, who hilariously became Twitter’s reigning queen last year for toasting celebrities like Chance the Rapper and The Weeknd, has found herself a new opponent.

The legendary singer recently brought in Oreo for his interesting flavors and now she promises retaliation.

Like all epic friend-to-foe stories, Warwick’s relationship with Oreo started off very cordially.

Their social media interactions began on October 20 when the “I Say a Little Prayer” singer sent a message. Tweeter ask brands to respond.

from Oreo official Twitter account responded to the request and wrote, “Well that’s fun, hi everyone.”

Warwick took the response to address the company’s growing list of cookie flavors, which now includes mint, lemon, birthday cake and carrot cake.

“Hello, what’s your weirdest flavor?” Why do you all do the most? she request. “The only flavor was good.”

The cookie company championed their unique flavor combinations, writing, “People want variety, it’s variety they get!” “

About a week later, Warwick continued the fun online interaction by posting a TikTok Video of her hearing for a trademark deal.

“You know, I had so much fun talking to these brands on Twitter. All these kids, babies, young people are holding on to all these wonderful commercials that they do, ”she explained in the video. Warwick seemed to be referring to recent celebrity-food company partnerships, like Lil Nas X with Taco Bell, Megan Thee Stallion with Popeyes, and even Lady Gaga with Oreo.

But Warwick has a problem with these collaborations. “Something is wrong with this image. Why don’t these brands attack people my age? She wondered.

To solve the problem, she created short audition tapes for several companies, including Popeyes, Bush’s Baked Beans and even Hellmann’s, despite the company being blocked on Twitter when it suggested putting mayonnaise in the coffee.

The last brand she mentioned in her TikTok article was Oreo.

“I love Oreos, really. However, I think now is the time to consider making a Dionne cookie,” she said as an example of her face on a cookie wrap popped up. would even sing the jingle for it. I might even think about writing it for you. Think about it.

One of his fans tweeted the perfect name for a new line of cookies, calling it “Dionne W-oreo-wick”.

Oreo and Warwick’s relationship seemed to be on the right track until the company sent him a packet of Java chip flavored Oreo cookies and Oreo lip balm.

She posted a photo products Wednesday and wrote, “After asking @Oreo to stick with the original flavor, they sent me these outrageous items in response.”

Looks like their social media battle will continue as Warwick sent a follow-up tweet promising, “I will retaliate at a later date.”

Thursday, playful Oreo responded at Warwick’s vow of retaliation and said, “So… you don’t like lip balm?” “

The tension has eased for now. Warwick revealed she really enjoys her new “adorable” lip balm.

“I’m going to add it to my beauty routine,” she wrote.

Hopefully we will get a conclusion to this feud soon.


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