Consumers feel GST pinch on groceries: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Shivani Bhakoo

Ludhiana, July 18

Consumers may have to pay more, as many goods and services will cost more starting today. Packaged and labeled products, including curds, cheese, honey, flour, mutton and fish products, will have 5% GST.

The GST on tetra-packed items is increased from 12% to 18%. In addition, for dairy machines, water pumps, fruit, vegetable separating machines, etc., circuit boards, bicycle pumps, etc., the GST will be 18% whereas before it was 12%. Apart from this, students, parents will have to pay more when buying atlases, globes or maps. The GST on LED lamps, bulbs and ink is now 18% from 12%. Blades, knives, sharpeners, forks and spoons will cost more as the GST is increased to 18% on these products.

“The GST on coconut water is now 12%. Fixed products, coconut water, packaged foods, etc. will now cost more. They are daily use products, but consumers will have to shell out more money to get these items. Instead of curbing inflation, the government is placing a heavier financial burden on the common man,” said Parul Goel, a housewife.

Naveen Thaman, a GST advocate, said the increase in GST will definitely put a financial burden on the consumer. “The common man will have to pay more to buy these basic items as the meeting decides to increase the GST on many daily use products,” Thaman said.


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