Capital Roots paves the way for the expansion of the food market in Troy


TROY, NY (NEWS10) – Capital Roots has innovated in its larger market and food hub. The project is an extension of the Capital Roots Urban Culture Center, which began in 2014, at 594 River Street in Troy.

The 13,000 square foot project will provide residents of the Capital Region with improved access to healthy, local foods in the market, a second food hub that will serve soup kitchens and school districts with access to regional agricultural products, and a kitchen that will help support local entrepreneurs to run food businesses.

“At Capital Roots, we value the dignity of an individual and the power to choose. Many individuals and
the families we serve struggle daily to meet their basic needs and often face difficult decisions, such as
put healthy food on the table or pay bills, said Capital Roots CEO Amy Klein.

The new expanding $ 8.8 million market, The Good Food Market, sponsored by CDPHP, will feature an open design, offering affordable, local fruits and vegetables throughout the year. The market will also offer meat, dairy products and other products from the cuisine and regional producers.

“The expansion of our Urban Grow Center is directly about serving a food desert in Troy, while strengthening all of our programs with a second Food Hub that will serve the single mother, struggling to support her three growing children. despite a full-time job. ; the fixed-income senior couple who depend on senior transportation services and because of their advanced age and chronic health conditions are at greater risk of contracting COVID-19, ”Klein said.

Since 2014, Capital Roots has said it has increased the distribution of local produce from 200,000 to over 800,000 pounds, inspired millions of dollars in private investment in the neighborhood, and supported farmers and food businesses in the area. During the pandemic, their current small market inside the Urban Grow Center saw a 600% increase in sales.


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