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In the regular daily briefing To reporters in New York on Tuesday, deputy UN spokesman Farhan Haq said the Ukrainian, Turkish and UN delegations that remain active in the deal, had reached an agreement on the pause in the JCC, which is based in Istanbul.

Russia said it was suspending its participation in the deal last Saturday, and in security Council on Monday, the Permanent Representative of Russia told the ambassadors discuss his country’s withdrawal, at least for now, that the deal simply could not continue without Russia’s participation.

According to reports on Tuesday, the Russian Defense Ministry said it was ‘unacceptable’ for shipping to use the security corridor established by the grain initiative, accusing Ukraine of using it to ‘conduct operations’ against Russia, which Ukraine has categorically denied.

Door left open

Russia has not ruled out re-engaging in the deal, nor has its representatives left the JCC headquarters in Istanbul, according to news reports. The deal is expected to officially expire in the middle of this month.

initiative credited with lowering the prices of essential foodstuffs and boosting the export of vital foodstuffs to countries in danger of famine, was signed by the UN, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey in last July, and transported nearly 10 million metric tons of grain from three Ukrainian ports along agreed routes, with joint inspections conducted by the JCC.

Mr. Haq said operations that were already underway before Russia’s suspension had continued, with 36 inspections carried out on board outgoing vessels during Tuesday.

“Teams boarded two other vessels, but the process was put on hold due to issues with cargo fumigation. All inspection reports will be shared with the Russian and Ukrainian delegations,” he said.

“Temporary” movements

“The United Nations Secretariat reiterates that the movements and inspections carried out after the Russian Federation suspended its participation in implementation activities at the Joint Coordination Center constitute a temporary and extraordinary measure.

Mr. Haq said that the United Nations Coordinator for the Secretary-General’s Signature Initiative, Amir Abdulla, was cooperating closely with the Turkish delegation to the CCM, and “is making every effort to resume full participation”.

He added that three outgoing ships had used the maritime humanitarian corridor on Tuesday, as agreed by the three remaining delegations to the CCM.

Russia informed

“The Russian delegation to the CCM has been informed. These vessels carry a total of 84,490 metric tons of grain and food products.

On Tuesday, the total tonnage of grain and foodstuffs shipped from Ukrainian ports under the Black Sea Grain Initiative was more than 9.7 million metric tons.

Heavy traffic

On Monday, 46 inspections on board outgoing ships were carried out by UN and Turkish inspectors. Also on Monday, a total of 14 ships, 12 outbound and two inbound, including a ship chartered by the World Food Program (WFP), used the humanitarian corridor safely.


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