Behind the Winning Launch of Wingstop Hidden Flavors by AD Makers


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On November 1, 2021, Wingstop Singapore launched a campaign led by The AD Makers announcing its new Flavor Remix Wings. However, none of the foods were revealed throughout the campaign. Nonetheless, Wingstop’s “Order Hidden Flavors” campaign impressed the judges and won three gold trophies at INTERACTIVE-MARKETING‘s MARKies Awards Singapore 2022, winning Gold for Most Creative Launch/Relaunch, Most Creative Digital and Most Effective Use – Social”.

So what caught the judges’ attention?


Generation Z, the target audience, is constantly bombarded with information on social media. As everyone tries to break through the clutter to get their attention, they are numbed by the noise.

The solution

Rather than being louder than the competition, the campaign was launched covertly.

The three remixed flavors were not announced, but released secretly. No visuals were distributed, no names were revealed and no direct advertising was done. By running the campaign purely out of curiosity and not telling the public what it was supposed to be saying, The AD Makers ran a campaign that left the public wanting more.

No one knows what the flavors actually are, but everyone wants them.


AD Makers handpicked users and followers who matched Wingstop’s personality for a giveaway of hidden flavors. Influencers were then invited to create the content they wanted with complete creative freedom. The only rules being: the food had to be censored and displayed with the caption “ORDER HIDDEN FLAVORS”.

Meanwhile, in stores, no signs were made to advertise the new flavors except for a 1.5cm menu which was given only when a customer asked for it.

theadmakers wingstop 2

Cryptic notes were also pasted under the tables for customers to discover.

theadmakers wingstop 3

A private Instagram account (@wsohf) has also been created for avid Wingstop fans. To access it, users had to provide the names of the hidden flavors. Users on the following @wsohf list were then given a chance to win an exclusive giveaway – the grand prize being a year’s supply of Wingstop and a vinyl record.


The campaign saw growth in organic content. Although this is an Instagram-only campaign, talk about the “hidden flavors” being released on Twitter and TikTok organically.

theadmakers wingstop 4

Although sales of the Hidden Flavors rose sharply, none of the users revealed what the Hidden Flavors actually were, preferring to keep them as an online mystery throughout the campaign. The campaign generated 400,000 organic reach, a 251% increase in social engagement, and a 30% increase in sales compared to Wingstop’s previous limited-time offer launches.

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