AWG and IGA offer Flashfood to member retailers


Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG) and Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) have partnered with Flashfood to provide more than 4,000 independent supermarkets with access to its eponymous food waste reduction app.

Toronto-based Flashfood’s free app allows shoppers to purchase fresh foods – including fresh produce, meats, cold cuts, baked goods, and snacks – near their expiration date at much lower price, thus reducing food waste generated by stores. AWG and IGA said on Tuesday that through the partnership, they will help member retailers integrate the Flashfood program into their operations.

According to AWG, based in Kansas City, Kansas, the nation’s largest cooperative food wholesaler for independent grocers, retailers who join the Flashfood program will work with AWG to source equipment and in-store marketing and receive support at the in-store implementation of Flashfood.

“Partnering with Flashfood provides a simple yet effective solution that will help our members reduce shrinkage and better connect with digitally-minded shoppers,” AWG CEO David Smith said in a statement. “I am delighted to see Flashfood helping our members make an impact on the world and in their communities.”

The Flashfood app allows shoppers to browse participating stores’ offers on expiring fresh foods and earn big discounts.

The first 50 AWG member stores to join Flashfood will earn an additional share of net income for the first six months after the program’s launch date, the companies said. Currently, AWG partners with more than 1,100 member companies and 3,100 retail stores in 28 states.

“Our partnership with Associated Wholesale Grocers opens up exciting opportunities to help more retailers across the country reduce food waste and increase profitability,” commented Josh Domingues, Founder and CEO of Flashfood. “Independent grocers play an important role in serving diverse communities across North America, and Flashfood can help them better connect fresh produce offerings with shoppers looking to buy more affordable and sustainable. “

Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the Flashfood app allows shoppers to browse participating stores’ offers on fresh items approaching their expiration date. Purchases are made directly through the app and shoppers pick up their order the same day from the “Flashfood Zone” inside the designated store. Purchased food is stored in a refrigerator or on a storage rack until it is picked up.


The first 50 AWG member stores to join Flashfood will earn an additional share of net income for the first six months following the launch of the program.

Chicago-based IGA, whose retail network covers approximately 1,100 independent grocery stores in 45 states coast-to-coast, said online sales of surplus food through the Flashfood program provide customers with supermarkets a discount of up to 50%. IGA will help member grocers interested in Flashfood source equipment and market, while Flashfood will help them implement the program in their stores.

“As the food industry changes and evolves, the goal of the IGA is to ensure that we provide members with innovative solutions that help them sell more and reach more communities than they serve no matter their size, ”said John Ross, CEO of IGA. . “Partnering with Flashfood is one of the ways we are helping local grocers compete with large retailers in areas such as e-commerce and improving sustainability. “

Flashfood said its program can help AWG and IGA member retailers reduce markdown by 3% to 5%.

“We are excited to be working with the Alliance of Independent Grocers to provide independent local grocers with the ability to easily reduce shrinkage without costly integration or time investment,” said Domingues. “Store-level food waste is a significant issue for the industry, and working with the IGA network will have a positive impact to address this while ensuring their communities have more access to affordable, fresh and affordable food. healthy. “

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