Ann Arbor Group Invites Public to ‘Signature Event’ for Future Central Park


ANN ARBOR, MI – As planning continues for a future central park and civic commons in downtown Ann Arbor, a group involved in the effort is hosting a “FAN” event at the site.

It represents fun, art and nutrition, which organizers say will be available from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday, October 3 at the downtown site at Library Lane and Fifth Avenue.

The free public event next to the downtown library is sponsored by the Community Communes Initiation Committee, a private group working to activate the space. Alan Haber, a member of the group, calls it the “next signing event opening the Center of the City Park and the Civic Center Commons.”

The four hour program includes a magic, comedy and music show with variety artist Kip Barry, art activities and a demonstration of TreeTown Murals, personal astrology readings with spirit guide Bonnie Pearce, a performance by soul singer Stacey Murray, children’s games, non-profit display cases, cooking demonstrations by a local chef, and food, art and jewelry vendors.

The food will be provided by Serving Time Food and Catering Inc., said Geoff Henny, director of FAN.

There will also be a tour of the site’s “Garden on the Commons” flower beds with an expert gardener and discussions on the future and sustainability of the site.

“Promoting a sustainable community” is a slogan for the event. See the event flyer.

The family event is a celebration and an opportunity to continue a community conversation on how to move forward with the public common space, Haber said, encouraging community members to join on Sunday.

“The goal of this common good is to become a heart of the city that fosters lasting and caring community interactions,” said the organizers in a press release inviting residents to come and discover “what the Center of the City is all about. Commons “.

The event should also include a short survey of attendees about their visions and interests.

“There is a wide variety of activities planned for this event, all aimed at inviting people to come and learn more about the Ann Arbor Community Commons and find ways to get involved,” said Robert Black, an architect who has been coordinating with advocates of the commons and considers this to be an important project for the future of Ann Arbor.

The Council of Municipalities appointed by the municipal council which advises the city on the creation of the park and the commons approved by the electors meets on October 7 at 7 p.m.

Although Sunday’s event is a private enterprise, members of the city’s Council of Commons are supporting it, President Adam Zemke said. The organization passed a resolution in August recommending that city council staff create a plan to activate space with recurring use by food trucks, food carts and other vendors such as pop-up ads. ‘artisans.

City council members Erica Briggs and Kathy Griswold brought forward a resolution to follow through on this and ask city staff to create a plan, but it was removed from the August 16 council agenda due to opposition from the Main Street Area Association and other downtown business owners worried about food truck competition, Briggs said.

Other short-term activation options are currently under consideration, Briggs said, noting that city council has also set aside funds for a process of designing longer-term plans for the site.


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