Advanced Food Products Creates Premium Vegan Cheese Sauce From Chickpeas


Advanced Food Products LLC (AFP), which specializes in cheese sauces, dips and soups, now offers Muy Fresco Plant-Based Cheese Sauce for restaurants and food service operators.

Designed to pour over nachos, burgers or appetizers, Muy Fresco Cheese is a chickpea-based product that replicates all the flavor, texture and creaminess of dairy-based cheese sauces. The product is available in nacho and cheddar flavors.

In search of a better cheese sauce

Pennsylvania-based AFP is a foodservice distributor serving restaurants and retail. Boosted by the phenomenal growth of the plant-based dairy segment, the company saw a great opportunity to bring a plant-based version of its signature cheese sauce to market.

According to Data Essentialsplant-based cheese is one of the fastest growing trends on burger menus, with the term “vegan cheese” rising 598% in 2021. Globally, plant-based cheese is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.8% through 2028.

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AFP researchers spent 18 months gauging consumer and business interest in a new dairy-free cheese sauce, according to RSQ. Feedback collected by the company showed strong and widespread dissatisfaction with most plant-based cheese sauces on the market.

“The overwhelming feeling from both groups was that taste and texture were the two key attributes missing from other competing plant-based cheese sauces on the market today,” the AFP Innovation Team reported. . “Specifically, we’ve seen in existing products that the texture tended to be ‘gelled’ or lacked a creamy, melted-cheese texture, while the color often tended to be brownish or artificial orange.”

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Develop dairy-free dishes

Armed with this knowledge, AFP says the company set to work creating a versatile, pourable, non-dairy cheese that matched the true flavor profile and performance of traditional cheese sauce. Muy Fresco cheese is sold in shelf-stable aseptic packaging and can help foodservice operators significantly expand their dairy-free menu offerings.

“You can put it on literally anything,” says AFP’s innovation team. “The great thing about cheese sauce in general is its versatility on menus. There’s no limit to what it can add value and excitement to a menu. »


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