7 Weirdest Stardew Valley Foods


Stardew Valley lets you do a lot of things, from farming to fishing to foraging. And once you get your first house upgrade, you’ll unlock the kitchen, allowing you to cook plenty of meals to help you in your game by restoring your energy or providing a buff. Once you learn a recipe, whether by learning it when leveling up a skill, receiving it in the mail, or learning it from the show Queen of Sauce, if you have the ingredients on you, you can cook it in your kitchen. .

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With 80 total recipes in the game, some of them won’t be so normal, either because they’re barely edible, or because the ingredients aren’t quite what you’d expect for them. the type of food you’re preparing.


7 weird bun

Of course, the weird bun is a weird food – it’s right there in the name after all. But what makes this bun so weird? For starters, it’s made with wheat flour, empty mayonnaise, and a periwinkle, and the game only considers one of those ingredients to be properly edible on its own. Empty Mayonnaise is actually poisonous to the player, and its description says it “smells like burnt hair”, and periwinkles, which are actually edible snails in real life, simply can’t be eaten on their own in the game.

However, what is surprising is that every character who can be given a weird bun hates it. This includes Krobus, who likes empty mayo on its own, and Shane, who mails you the recipe and tells you to give him a sample if you make it. To top it off, the weird bun isn’t used in any quests, however, it can be used to create a unique shirt in the sewing machine and to unlock a secret item in the game.

6 pale broth

Pale Broth contains only one ingredient: white algae. Yes, the same white algae that the game describes as “super slime” and that you can only find by fishing in the Mines, Sewers, Mutant Bug Lair, or Witch Swamp, none of which are exactly a great place to find food ingredients – the sewer even less, as any ingredients that come from there are likely to pose more than a few health concerns.

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No matter where you find the white seaweed to make this recipe, Pale Broth is described as “a delicate broth with a hint of sulfur.” In case you are lucky enough to have never smelled sulfur before, the closest thing to compare it to is a rotten egg. Despite the probably unsanitary ingredient and the sulfuric smell, almost everyone in Pelican Town loves receiving Pale Broth as a gift.

5 Risotto with fiddleheads

At first glance, this dish seems perfectly normal. Risotto is a popular rice dish, fern bracken is edible and tastes delicious, and the three ingredients in this recipe, which are oil, bracken bracken, and garlic, are all normal cooking ingredients that you would expect to find in a dish like this. . So what’s so weird about fiddlehead risotto?

Well, back to the ingredients. Oil, bracken fern and garlic. That’s right, this rice dish has no rice in the ingredients. It would be like making a recipe for nachos and leaving the tortilla chips out of the ingredient list. Maybe only the old Cannoli master knows where the rice in this recipe comes from.

4 lucky lunch

Lucky Lunch is a popular late game food, due to its strong luck bonus which helps a lot when mining in the Skull Cavern. However, this recipe is a bit odd when it comes to its ingredients. Sure, a tortilla is perfectly normal on its own, but sea cucumbers and blue jazz?

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While sea cucumbers on their own are toxic in-game, in real life they are actually edible. And blue jazz may be a flower, but when eaten it gives the farmer a little health and energy boost. These round blue flowers are likely based on the allium, which is also edible in real life, and is the genus that includes garlic, onions, and leeks. This recipe is weird, but it’s actually one of the most edible items on this list.

3 sashimi

Sashimi itself is a perfectly normal dish, and Stardew Valley’s recipe is one of the easiest recipes to make, since you can use literally any fish in the game to craft it. Low-grade sunfish, carp, and herring still generate profit when made into sashimi, but if for some reason you want to slice a legendary fish, the game won’t stop you.

The game also won’t stop you from turning the highly poisonous puffer fish into sashimi. That’s right, in Stardew Valley you can make the dish known as fugu sashimi in Japan. The same dish that requires three years of training in order to be allowed to prepare it in restaurants, because making a mistake during its preparation can be fatal. Apparently, the farmer went through this rigorous training as well, as making sashimi will turn puffer fish from a poisonous consumable into one that restores your health and energy.

2 Sea Moss Pudding

The Seafoam Pudding provides the best fishing buff in the game, but it also requires rare ingredients to compensate for this. It’s made from plaice, midnight carp, and squid ink, with squid ink being a pretty hard ingredient to find, as you either have to drop it through fish ponds or as loot in the mines. Midnight Carp is probably the hardest ingredient to get hold of, as you can only get it during the Winter Market, which only lasts three days each year in the game.

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A fish pudding is certainly not a common food item in real life, although there is a similar recipe from Norway called fiskepudding which is usually made with haddock as opposed to plaice, carp or fish. squid ink. Still, this fishy treat seems like an acquired taste, as almost everyone in Stardew Valley hates it, except for Willy and Krobus, who both enjoy receiving sea moss pudding as a gift.

1 Miner’s Treat

The miner’s treat is made of cave carrots, sugar, and milk, so the description for this food, which reads, “This should keep your energy up,” is accurate. A sweet treat can definitely help keep your energy up, and while a carrot is an odd choice, given how common cave carrots are, it’s no surprise someone has come up with a recipe for making one. sweet snack for minors. But how did a carrot turn into a rainbow lollipop?

Either way, this recipe is useful for early mining ventures, as it’s unlocked at level three of mining and gives a boost to mining and magnetism, in addition to buffing health and energy.

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