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NEW YORK, February 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — According to the President of 5WPR Dara Busch, a mascot can help a business reach new heights. The use of mascots in brand marketing is not a new concept. According to one study, brands that use mascots in their campaigns have seen an almost 41% increase in profits. A brand mascot reinforces the personality of a brand in its marketing. The most popular mascots are derived from objects, animals, people, and even fictional characters. They can have a wide range of applications like being used in websites, logos, icons, and mobile apps.

TikTok and mascots
The Empire State Building’s TikTok strategy features its two mascots: the building itself and TikTok. According to Abigail Rickards, vice president of marketing for Empire State Realty Trust, mascot content leads to more success on TikTok. Based on overall engagement rate, mascot content performs best. It also doesn’t take as long to create and edit a character-centric video as shooting an entirely new concept would.

The Catalyst
Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty may not have the biggest following on TikTok, but his emergence has been the biggest catalyst for bringing mascots to TikTok. Many teams have seen Gritty’s success as an opportunity for their mascot to have real branding and social appeal outside of a stadium. Having a viral mascot by nature makes it much easier to market to the masses. Below are a few mascots that have really made an impact on Tiktok.

Mr Mucus
Mucinex has become the first over-the-counter drug to partner with TikTok, featuring the #Toosicktobesick campaign. Campaign choreographers did a zombie dance with cough medicine mascot Mr. Mucus to show how Mucinex combats the zombie-like symptoms that come with a bad cold or flu. TikTok users shared their best versions of the zombie dance with the hashtag #beatthezombiefunk for cash prizes and VIP experiences. The campaign racked up over 400 million views in just five days.

Cosmo the Cougar
Brigham Young University understands that TikTok is all about fun — its mascot, Cosmo the Cougar, is about delighting fans. Cosmo’s first video of doing “TheRollie” with BYU’s dance crew at a football game got 27.6 million likes. TikTok users tend to prefer light content even during tough times like the pandemic. Cosmo took a lighthearted approach to “dealing” with COVID-19 with a video capturing his quarantine routine.

The Duolingo language learning app has gained a lot of popularity thanks to the activities of its green owl mascot called Duo. Duo is up to date with popular TikTok trends. The mascot has a chaotic and sassy personality that viewers love to engage with. Duolingo’s popular TikTok videos feature Duo playfully threatening people into taking their language lessons. Occasionally, Duo can also be found in the comments section, sassing anyone who forgot their language lessons. By leveraging viral trends, Duo remains a playful and quirky brand voice.

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